Get the full report and full listing of all import tariffs now las at 1st October 2016.

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For the report only, without the annex of all tariffs, download for free from here

This publication includes the report and a full listing of all 12,651 tariffs and their description, codes and plus nearly 3,000 zero-rated tariffs which are still liable for VAT.


What's in the report?

Contents page:

Executive Summary 5
Introduction 6
The economic and cultural case for imports 6
Chart 1: UK Balance of Trade 6
The curious case of coffee imports 7
Table 1: Coffee and coffee machinery tariffs 7
Table 2: 0% rated coffee tariffs 8
Import Tariffs – Norway v Switzerland v  Turkey Single Market Access and Membership 8
Table 3: UK Receipts from Tariffs collected by HMRC 1999-2016 9
Table 4: Sample international tariffs for railway maintenance service vehicles 10
Table 5: Tariff Chapters and Duty Paid in 2015 12
The pointless sporting tariff goods 19
Table 6: Sample sporting goods tariffs 19
Tariff revenues that are surprisingly insignificant 19
Table 7: Top 5 bizarrest tariffs 20
Chart 2: The growth in EU import tariffs from 2008-2016 21
Table 8: New commodity tariffs since June 23rd 2016 21
Tariffs that have increased and decreased since June 23rd 2016 29
Table 9: Sections with the highest and lowest number of tariffs 29
Table 10: Chapters with the highest number of tariffs 29
VAT breakdown by commodity 32
The different types of tariff 32
Table 11: Breakdown of tariff type 33
Conclusion 34
Policy Recommendations 34
Annex: Listing of all Import Tariffs as at 1st October 2016 35


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